Chris Facey

Chris Facey
Christopher Facey is a Brooklyn-based documentary and portrait photographer. His work focuses on creating accurate visual representations of the Black community.


Knowing Your Why: Photographing with Intent

Thursday, April 22nd, 4pm-5:30pm PT / 7pm-8:30pm ET

In this single-session seminar, we will examine the intentionality behind creating photographs. By engaging in an open discussion, you'll come away from the event with a better understanding of why you create images.

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Chris Facey (b.1990) is a documentary and portrait photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. Chris has the ability to create images that are powerful yet tender. Inspired by the works of Gordon Parks and W. Eugene Smith, he documents communities with a softness and allows space for emotional depth, while still covering hard-hitting issues such as the racial injustices in civil rights to women's safety in New York City. With both vigor and a trained eye, Chris has been making work centering the Black community throughout his career. 


Being a father himself, Chris has been working on his #DadDutyProject, which focuses on debunking the myth of absentee fathers in the Black and Brown community as well as his #WOW (World Of Women) project, where he hopes to bring awareness and change to the lack of women's safety in NYC. 


A current School of Visual Arts student and an Army veteran, Chris is on a strong path to success with his photo documentary projects, which have landed him opportunities to be featured in publications such as The New Yorker and New York Magazine.