David Rheinstrom

Podcaster, Educator, Foodie
David knows more about food (and about a million other topics) than any amateur can reasonably be expected to know. His obsession is your gain. Past participants report laughing so hard they cried and being blown away by how much they learned.


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David Rheinstrom isn't a professional chef, but he has been cooking for large groups since he was a teenager. Launch parties, chili cook-offs, themed pizza nights—David's seen and organized them all. For his day job, David makes educational videos for an edtech nonprofit called Khan Academy—and he produces podcasts and writes children's books on the side. He lives in Washington, D.C., with his wife, Jillian, and their dog, Phryne.


This was so much fun! I had a wonderful time, and it was engaging all the way through.

Speakeasy Participant

This was fun - very interactive with positive energy.

Speakeasy Participant

What fantastic entertainment at the end of a challenging workday.

Speakeasy Participant