Eric Tagliacozzo

Historian and award-winning teacher
Eric Tagliacozzo


Pepper, Salt, Empire: How the Spice Trade Made the World Modern

Saturday, September 26th, 12-1:30pm PT / 3-4:30pm ET

What we view as commonplace seasonings like pepper and cinnamon were once the most luxurious items known to humans. Join award-winning Cornell University Professor Eric Tagliacozzo for this talk about humanity's millennials-long yearning for the spices of Asia.

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Eric Tagliacozzo is the John Stambaugh Professor of History at Cornell University.  He is the author of Secret Trades, Porous Borders: Smuggling and States along a Southeast Asian Frontier (Yale, 2005) which won the Harry Benda Prize from the Association of Asian Studies, and more recently of The Longest Journey: Southeast Asians and the Pilgrimage to Mecca (Oxford, 2013).  

He is also the editor of co-editor of ten other books, on the global Hajj (Cambridge, 2016); trans-nationalism in Asia as seen through time-periods (Harvard, 2015), through place (Harvard, 2015) and through itinerant people (Harvard, 2019); on Burmese lives under a coercive state (Oxford, 2014); on the state of the field of Indonesian Studies (Cornell, 2014), and Indonesian sources more generally (Duke, 2009); on Chinese trade down to Southeast Asia (Duke, 2011), and Southeast Asian contacts west to the Middle East (Stanford, 2009), and finally on the relationship between History and Anthropology as disciplines (Stanford, 2009).  

He is the Director of the Comparative Muslim Societies Program at Cornell, and Cornell’s Modern Indonesia Project (CMIP), as well as editor of the journal INDONESIA.