Joseph Stenberg

Philosopher specializing in the philosophy of happiness
Joseph's work sits at the intersection of happiness and its history. He's deeply knowledgeable about the ways different thinkers and fields of study have defined happiness and is an excellent guide for us as we try to pursue happiness in our own lives.


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Dr. Joseph Stenberg is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at San José State University. The nexus of his research is happiness and its history. He has two book-length projects under contract at Cambridge University Press connected to medieval conceptions of happiness. Joseph has also published papers, among other things, on contemporary accounts of well-being and on how God’s happiness has been conceptualized in monotheistic religious traditions. These efforts have been supported by a series of fellowships, including a Humboldt Research Fellowship for Postdoctoral Researchers from 2016-2018.


I went into the talk worried that it would be extremely academic and therefore dry. It was definitely academic, but I enjoyed the discussion so much! Joseph really set up the foundation so that we covered just enough to ask and answer a lot of interesting questions. He also made it really easy to ask and answer questions, even vague or highly hypothetical ones. It was the best philosophy talk I have ever attended, hands down.

Speakeasy participant

Great speaker, loved how he left room for discussion and interesting conversation!

Speakeasy participant