Kim Kutz Elliot

Historian, Educator, Expert in American Culture
Kim brings a fascinating lens to American history, culture, and memory. An educator and storyteller at heart, she's sure to teach you something new.


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Kim Kutz Elliott is an expert in American history and culture, with particular interest in the life and legacy of Abraham Lincoln, Civil War memory, and popular culture. She currently serves as Senior Content Creator in Humanities for Khan Academy, an educational nonprofit providing a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere. At Khan Academy she writes, films, and edits lessons on US History and US Government and Politics, bringing high-quality articles, videos, and practice exercises to Khan Academy’s audience of millions of users. Her live coaching sessions on US history have drawn more than 75,000 viewers.


"Enjoyed looking at Lincoln through the lens of pop culture. Found Kim very good at engaging listeners in conversation."

Speakeasy participant

"I found the speaker very approachable and clear. I liked her powerpoint with questions interspersed and I liked how the questions were handled."

Speakeasy participant