Lauren Joy Herley

Rope Artist, Acrobat, Contortionist
Lauren Joy Herley
Lauren is a highly versatile circus artist specializing in vertical rope, contortion, and acrobatic research. A graduate of the National Circus School of Montreal, Lauren now has roughly 10 years of international experience with companies such as Cirque Eloize, Les 7 Doigts de la Main, CIRCA, Cirque du Soleil Events, and Cirque du Soleil Touring Productions, where she was latest seen playing the principal female character in BAZZAR.


Presence, Excellence, & Resilience: A Professional Circus Artist’s Daily Principles and Story of International Success

Friday, December 11th, 5-6pm PT / 8-9pm ET

Join Cirque du Soleil principale character, rope artist, contortionist, and acrobat Lauren Joy Herley in this interactive talk that will take you behind the curtain of an international circus career and shed light on the persistence required to achieve professional success.

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Lauren was born within the Pisces-Aries cusp, known as the Cusp of Rebirth, defining much of how she works. She enjoys reaching the extremes of her physicality and pulling her energy from the depths of her feminine sources, both fierce and fragile. The stage is Lauren’s place of communication, of complete presence and focus, allowing transformation to occur.


Lauren carries multiple years of professional experience to the stage and each rehearsal space. She specializes in vertical rope and contortion. She is also a practitioner of all kinds of acrobatic research. Lauren has studied and performed disciplines from hand-to-hand to hair hanging. Since graduating from the National Circus School of Montreal, she has worked and toured internationally with multiple world-class directors and companies around the globe. Lauren also works as a specialty act for many different venues and events. She continually loves to grow as an artist while taking acrobatic and artistic risks both on stage and in the rehearsal room.