Terry Johnson

Bioengineering Professor, Chemical Engineer, Author
Terry is a scientist with a passion for teaching. His deep knowledge of biotechnology, coupled with his award-winning teaching style, makes him a Speakeasy classic.


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Terry D. Johnson has a master's degree in chemical engineering from MIT and is currently an Associate Teaching Professor of bioengineering at UC Berkeley. He hopes that by doing so, he will be giving students the tools that they will need to repair him as he gets older.

Terry teaches courses in a wide range of subjects, displaying a versatility that has prevented him from achieving any actual expertise. In 2010 he received the Golden Apple Award for Outstanding Teaching, and was one of the recipients of Berkeley's 2013 Distinguished Teaching Awards. He is also co-author of the popular science book How to Defeat Your Own Clone (and other tips for surviving the biotech revolution) and is represented by the Linda Chester Literary Agency.

When Terry isn't generating PowerPoint slides, he can be found giving talks and panels at events like The Bad Ad Hoc Hypothesis Festival, Nerd Nite, Eureka! Science Comedy, Wondercon, and Silicon Valley Comic-con.


"Extremely well done talk presenting a technical topic to a lay audience."

Speakeasy participant