Philosophy Events

Kant think of anything to do today? If you laughed at that, then you’re in the right place.

Upcoming Events

Dr Julian Baggini
Tuesday, November 16th, 12pm-1:30pm PT / 3pm-4:30pm ET

Philosopher are experts in critical thinking. In this talk, I'll share with you the essence of how they do it, along with some warnings about when philosophical tolls and methods can lead you astray.

Past Events

Wednesdays, Apr 14 & Apr 21, 5pm-6:30pm PT / 8pm-9:30pm ET

The philosopher Michel Foucault developed the concepts of “biopower” and “biopolitics” to analyze the state’s growing involvement in the biological life of citizens. This seminar will explore the applicability of Foucault’s theory to the politics of COVID-19.

Joseph Stenberg
Saturday, October 3rd, 12-1pm PT / 3-4pm ET

What is happiness? Philosophers have been debating this question for millennia. In this interactive seminar, philosopher Joseph Stenberg will lead us in an engaging discussion of different philosophies of happiness and their implications for our own lives. 

Sundays, September 13th and 20th, 5-6:30pm PT / 8-9:30pm ET

Join Dr. Cynthia Neal Spence, award-winning sociology professor and director of the Spelman College Social Justice Fellows Program, for this two-part lecture examining the history of race and the criminal justice system.

John Finn
Friday, September 4th, 12-1:30pm PT / 3-4:30pm ET

Join award-winning professor of constitutional law John E. Finn for this timely seminar. We’ll explore what the First Amendment does—and does not—say about the place of hate speech in American political culture.

Joseph Stenberg
Friday, May 8th, 5:30-6:30pm PT / 8:30-9:30pm ET

What does it mean to be happy? Philosopher Joseph Stenberg will help us understand how various thinkers' answers to that question can guide our own pursuit of happiness.

Étienne Brown
Tuesday, March 24th, 8-9pm PT / 11pm-12am ET

Join philosopher Étienne Brown for a lively discussion about the tensions between free speech and fake news.