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"Andrew is one of the best instructors I've had the pleasure to learn from. You can see his genuine interest in the people he's working with. I cannot recommend a course with Andrew Scrivani enough."

— Freddy, participant in Andrew Scrivani's workshops

"I don't want to deal with ticket sales and waitlists. But with Speakeasy, everything behind the scenes works like magic. I can just show up and teach people who share my passion for the topic."

Andrew Henry, Religious Studies PhD and YouTuber

"This has been a fantastic class. Thank you for offering it. And please do let me know if Rebecca teaches any other workshops in the future. I’ll be signing up for whatever is on offer!"

— Kelley, participant in This Will Be Character-Building with Rebecca Makkai

We're honored to be featured in USA Today as a top service for lifelong learning.

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