Food Photography: Growing Your Brand and Business

Andrew Scrivani
Join New York Times Food Photographer Andrew Scrivani in this three-part workshop focused on the business fundamentals of building a successful, scalable food photography career. Whether you’re taking the first steps to translate your hobby into a side-hustle, making the leap from side-hustle to full-time food photography, or looking for ways grow your established food photography business––this workshop will focus on equipping you with the business knowledge and practices necessary to growing your business in a sustainable way.
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Andrew Scrivani

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In the pursuit of food photography as a career, you have to develop your style in parallel with your business acumen and processes. As your skills improve, so too does the need to scale your business knowledge and practices. One without the other can cause a stall in your overall professional development and career.


Join New York Times Food Photographer, Andrew Scrivani in this three-part workshop focused on the fundamentals of building a successful, scalable food photography career. These fundamentals can be applied (and can significantly benefit!) food photographers at any level. In each session, Andrew will focus on a distinct topic, including: 

  • Building a rate card appropriate for the clients you are targeting
  • Honing your negotiation skills, professional communication, and marketing skills
  • Creating both online and real life networks to help you scale your business


In Session One, Andrew will outline how you can build a pricing structure and awareness of both your target market and available professional resources and networks. Here you will get the information needed to create a rate card appropriate for your business and clientele, as well as having an understanding of what the next level up looks like for your business. 


In Session Two, students will participate in a role-play exercise to practice the skills learned in Session One's topic of rate card information. Andrew will play the role of client, art director, photo editor or creative director in various business applications to test your communication skills and knowledge of how to price your work and negotiate your next big job. 


Finally, in Session Three, Andrew will outline business opportunities for each student and teach you how to create multiple income streams to apply your food photography skills too. Andrew will discuss opportunities in stock photography, editorial, advertising, content creation, sponsored content and publishing. 


Throughout the workshop Andrew will assess and challenge your professional communication acumen, while pushing you to develop the confidence to communicate your worth and utilize the language to discuss and describe your work, your business, and value to your clients. 

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