Kyla Sokoll-Ward

Loneliness Expert and Facilitator
Kyla is an insightful loneliness expert who knows how to bring people together and build community.


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Kyla Sokoll-Ward is a speaker, facilitator, and professional empath who speaks about loneliness among Millennials and how Millennials can use their emotional experiences as tools for connection. She has shared her message internationally, on multiple TEDx stages, and has facilitated connective experiences for thousands of young adults around the world.

Kyla’s work aims to help Millennials upgrade their empathy skill set, ask better questions, and get more curious about what it means to be human. She has interviewed dozens of millennials around the world about their experiences with connection and loneliness and, based on the results, has created a framework for connection that can be used in a multitude of settings.

Through keynotes, workshops, and 1:1 mentorship, she aims to disrupt the status quo of connection and challenge others to connect more intentionally, vulnerably, and empathically with those around them. She’s a firm believer that we’re only one good question away from connecting with the entire world.


"Kyla's interactive games were amazing!!!"

Speakeasy participant

"Favorite event yet! It was informative, she did a great job of pausing to make sure the audience could ask questions at multiple points, and she created a real sense of community with her breakout games."

Speakeasy participant

"I will admit I was initially a little nervous, but I ended up really enjoying how interactive this session was! Kyla was SO excited about the topic and responsive to the audience too. I am incredibly impressed at how smoothly the breakout sessions and discussions went."

Speakeasy participant